CSR Activities / SEHYOG - Donate in Kind for a Kind Cause

SEHYOG - Donate in Kind for a Kind Cause

Bhaskar Foundation through SEHYOG initiative supports low income people in urban and semi-urban areas. Old items of personal and domestic use from people of higher economic strata are collected and then given at a reasonable price to the low income group people. The cash collected through this programme is given to a school for creating some facilities for children. SEHYOG project was undertaken in Indore and Bhopal in April/May 2009.


Sehyog - "Vastu Daan - Nek Kaam, Ek Abhiyaan", an initiative of Bhaskar Foundation was organized at Indore for 4 days from 29th Jan till 1st Feb, 2009. The Drive was undertaken to involve all segments of society and give them feeling of togetherness. The idea was to find a worthwhile cause, and then get the people from upper strata of society to donate used articles. More than one thousand families participated and donated their goods. They items included clothes, kitchen ware, furniture, electronics, healthcare articles etc.

The collected Items were exhibited at the Bijalpur School on 22nd February 2009 and economically weaker people from the surrounding villages were invited to come and pick their items of choice. The information about the date and time of distribution of items was publicized through school students and display Messages in the 20 villages in area surrounding the school. Teachers, students and school staff came forward and participated in this campaign enthusiastically. More than 1200 people from below poverty level received items of their choice, and in return contributed around Rs. 6,000/- for School's Parents-Teachers-Association Fund (Shikshak-Palak-Sangh). Later this fund was used by Parent Teacher Association to buy sports items and accessories for the students. 


At Bhopal Sehyog - "Vastu Daan - Nek Kaam, Ek Abhiyaan" was organized on 28th & 29th March, 2009 and 4th & 5th April, 2009. Used household items were collected from various residential colonies in Bhopal. People responded and participated in this programme in large number by way of contributing their old household items like toys, cloths, electronics, kitchen appliances etc. Thousands of such articles thus collected in 4 days in two phases were cleaned and segregated at a central collection centre. On 17th of April, 2009 display of the collected items was held at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Govt. Middle School, Suraj Nagar (Bhadbhada), Bhopal where people from weaker section of the society from nearby villages were invited to receive these items. In return they contributed in terms of nominal cash donation. The entire collection of items got distributed within few hours. The total cash collected through donations was Rs. 35, 710/- (Thirty five thousand seven hundred ten). The money was handed over to the school authority for buying writing desks for the students.

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