Chairman's Message

Dainik Bhaskar Corporation (D.B.Corp) with interests in various business Sectors including media, energy, education, mining, information technology, Real estate etc, envisages the need of empowering Indian society through Various development programmes. To take this mission forward "Bhaskar Foundation" is being set up. I along with other trustees of the Bhaskar Foundation , will embark on a series Of programme which not only create better avenue for the society at large, Through developmental initiatives, but shall also create a knowledge capital forenlightening the society . The ultimate aim is to "Empower society with Responsibility and dignity". This vision , I am sure , will help in strengthening The endeavors of making India a Country of enlightened people with economic Reliability .D.B. Corp and its business entities will support the foundation and in all its endeavors. We shall also try our best to reach out to a wider section of society through our programmes and activities within shortest possible time frame.

I wish the team Bhaskar Foundation a great success.

Ramesh Chandra Agrawal,
Bhaskar Foundation

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